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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Syrian Foreign Ministry Blasts New U.S.-Backed Border Force

(Reuters) The Syrian government denounced a new border force which the United States is building with its militia allies in northern Syria as a “blatant assault” on sovereignty, state media said on Monday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the formation of a border zone controlled by U.S.-backed rebels could lead to the partition of Syria.

Dennis Edwards: Let us read from a paper written about the Oded Yinon plan for a Greater Israel back in 1982:

Oded Yinon, the former senior official with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and journalist for the Jerusalem Post published a book in 1982 which is called; “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” also known as the Yinon Plan. It is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states. Yinon Plan called for the “dissolution” of “the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula.” 

Each country was to be made to “fall apart along sectarian and ethnic lines,” after which each resulting fragment would be “hostile” to its “neighbours.” Later, plans to balkanize Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern states were laid out by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a 2006 trip to Tel Aviv. It was part of the so called “Project for a New Middle East”. This was a carbon copy of the Yinon Plan drawn up by Israel in 1982. 

Former US Secretary of State John
Kerry called for Syria to be partitioned saying it was “Plan B” if negotiations failed. But in reality this was always plan A, although officially Plan A was “Assad Must Go”. Then NATO planned on shifting narratives from, ‘evil dictator must be stopped” to “we must protect the minorities”. As it is mentioned before plans to balkanize Syria originates from the Yinon Plan as it aimed at dismembering the Syrian state in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states. Quite simply, divide and conquer is the plan. When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing war on Syria, must be understood in relation to the “Greater Israel” (Eretz Israel HaShlema) project.[1]  

So we see the American government continues to be the hatchet for Israel's secret hegemonic plans for regional supremacy. Long before 9/11 these plans were hatched and Israel's smartest minds put to work on creating a viable plan to accomplish Israel's territorial and security goals. The Yinon plan has been followed to a "T" with Israel using the military might of the USA to bring down their enemies. 

Way back before 9/11 former NATO chief General Wesley Clark leaked the plans the US government had for a New World Order in the Middle East. He said that there were plans to remove or destabilise seven nations in the proximity of the Middle East. Much of those plans has been fulfilled except for the the dismantling of the Iranian government, though that might still be underway.

Could those five Israeli "students" who were arrested for celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers from a building in New Jersey have been Mossad bomb agents. They could have been involved in the Mossad's plan to bring down the towers and then to have it blamed on the Arabs. Bush was quickly given a blank sheet by the American people and Congress to wage war against "our" enemies. Why were these men so quickly released and allowed to return to Israel without a thorough investigation into their activities. Records show there were later suspicious night time working crews working on the elevators during the summer months leading up to 9/11. Could those "elevator crews" have been the very five Israeli "students?"

The present Prime Minister Netanyahu has said every inter Arab conflict must be encouraged.

[1] Ayşe TEKDAL FİLDİŞ, “Greater Israel” Project and Balkanization of Syria, Namik Kemal University, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations,, March 2017, 


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