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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Banks of Marble

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  1. It's such a sad story to see a hard working family get behind in their payments to the bank. The banks have no mercy and congress has made laws to allow their evil tactics and refuses to protect the weak and the oppressed. Bankers and congressmen are in the bed of money together stealing from the poor and unfortunate. And they have the Law on their side. But God is not mocked. He has seen and He will judge the living and the dead. And each man will give account for his own decisions and actions. There's a hard rain coming for those with hard hearts, whether in this life or the next. Only by falling at the Cross of Christ can we cross the boundaries to be able to love another. Only love can join the hearts of man, but that love is found beneath the Cross of Christ. Fall at the Cross and let God's love cleanse you and give you a heart of love. Then let that heart of love build a bridge to other heats, Don't you think it's time!


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